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I have been going to John for massage therapy, on a regular basis, for at least 3 years. His personality, warmth, compassion, and professionalism makes me feel very comfortable and at ease. He uses a variety of techniques and pressures as he focuses on the trouble spots I have in that particular session. He's very intuitive as to what my body needs. In addition to his knowledge and abilities, I treasure the fact that if I don't want to talk during my massage, he can sense it and works in silence. He is truly the best therapist I have ever had work on me. I walk out of my sessions feeling fantastic, totally relaxed and rejuvenated He cares very much about making people feel good and it shows in every massage. ~Michele M.~

I've been a client of John's for a year now, getting monthly massages. During his sessions, I've always felt very comfortable as John has a way of making me feel relaxed from the moment I met him. He's very much a people person and truly loves what he does -- purely for the benefit of others. I've had plenty of other massage therapists over the years and I'm here to say that he is honestly the best, by far -- and I've had massages from all over the U.S and in Europe. He has a way about his touch that is almost ethereal, in a celestial sense. He's never too light or using too much pressure, but if I asked for either, he always accommodated. What's amazing, it that he seems to "read" my aches and pains and knows exactly what type of massage would best benefit a particular muscular need. He has a vast knowledge of the benefits of massage but the benefits of HIS massage have out performed any other that I've received. I'm totally relaxed through the whole session, sometimes even dozing off, and I finish feeling more relaxed than the last. I feel renewed, refreshed and have extra energy for days and most definitely a more defined sense of happiness. Very much looking forward to my next session and many more to follow! - Jennifer H.

I am a new patient to Restoring Wellness Massage, I have been in pain for a very long time. I have lower back issues and sciatica, with pain starting in my lower back and going down my leg. I have been to several massage therapists over many years, dealing with this discomfort, and pain. I found John on the internet while looking for a Massage Therapist close to my home, I found Restoring Wellness Massage and read all of the wonderful Testimonials about John. I have always used women for my massages as I feel a little uncomfortable with a man, but John was very kind, professional and confident, thus I was very comfortable and impressed with his work. He worked on all of my issues and made me feel a little better when I left, I had a good night sleep as it is hard to sleep in pain. I plan on going back to John as often as I can and highly recommend him to all with any kind of discomfort or pain He listens and will help.
~Linda Helmkamp

Professional, private, convenient is how I would describe my experience at Restoring Wellness Massage. Definitely will be returning!!!
-Shawn Gersbach